The Government is the main contributor to the fund as provided under section 13 (a) of the Education Fund Act, 2001.  In fulfilling this obligation the Government contributes to the fund such sum not exceeding two percent (2%) of the annual government recurrent budget less the amount payable in defraying the national debt.

Who Can Contribute?

A contributor as provided in section 12 (1) (a) and (b) of the Education Fund Act, No. 8 of 2001 is any person who makes a donation in form of money, goods and/or services to the Education Fund or a Fund Assisted Project. Either a contributor can also be anybody who avails sponsorship or grants to students other than his own or his own family members or his employer, for purposes of enabling them to purse education at secondary or tertiary levels. 

Contributors of Education Fund can be Individuals, Corporate bodies, public and private Institutions, Civil societies and Faith Based Organizations

Benefit for Contributing Through TEA

Every contributor to the Education Fund shall be entitled to the following benefits: -

(i) Recognition Contributor to the Education Fund, shall be awarded a Certificate of Educational Appreciation (CEA) or Letter of Education Appreciation (LEA) to appreciate their philanthropy.

Certificate of Education Appreciation (CEA)

All contributors to the Education Fund donating more than Tshs.50,000 (for individuals or employees) or more than Tshs.100,000 ( For Corporate bodies, public and private institutions, Civil Societies and Faith based organizations) qualify for Certificate of Education Appreciation. CEA differs in color depending on the value of contribution received as follow;

Metallic Blue (Tshs.100,000 – 999,999)

Metallic Silver (Tshs.1,000,000 – 9,999,999)

Metallic Red (Tshs.10,000,000 – 99,999,999)

Metallic Gold (Tshs.100,000,000 above )

(ii) Tax relief

Contributors who are taxpayers may opt to granted tax relief.

(iii) Registration

Every contributor shall be registered in the Education Fund contributors’ register for permanent record as a contributor.

Application for Tax Relief

All awardees of the Certificates of Educational Appreciation are entitled to apply for Tax Relief.

How to apply for Tax relief

The awardees of Certificate of Education appreciation write a letter of application to the Commissioner General of Tanzania Revenue Authority routed through the nearest Regional or District TRA office attaching the CEA and the original receipt of his contribution.

Contributing to the Education Fund

One may contribute to the Education Fund in the following ways;

Make your pledge by downloading a pledge form from this website

Directly supporting a Fund Assisted Project by providing cash (through GEP), material, technical expertise or labour

Make your donation commitments via TEA contacts i.e phone or emails, and then will act upon it.

What can be accepted as a donation.

Cash (hard cash) or cash equivalent though a Government Payment System (GEP).

In kind contribution (i.e goods, assets or services).

Directly Support Project
Directly support an education project by calling TEA +255222781165

Cash Donations
Contact TEA offices to suppord education projects through monetary or material support. Under current arrangements, TEA doe not accept Cash Donations at TEA offices, except through a centralized Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG).

Donate through Account
Contact TEA offices to get a control number to be used for bank trasactions for the support.

Pledge to donate:

Via e-mail: < >

Via Phone: +255222781165